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  • Complex, non-standard or fluctuating income?
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    One benefit of using Mortgage Quest is leveraging our access to specialist mortgages. Using bespoke underwriting, we can help independent professionals where the High Street fails.

    We tailor products to people’s unique circumstances and complex income structures. In other words, we help professionals who’d otherwise struggle to convey their mortgage affordability to a lender.

    We have a proud history based on a solid ethos: we negotiate terms with mortgage providers direct. Since launching in 2004, this approach has helped us become the go-to mortgage brokers for:

    • Self-employed professionals
    • Limited company contractors
    • Freelancers
    • Independent professionals utilising non-standard income structures and earnings


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    Helping lenders develop their non-standard mortgage criteria

    We’ve had to work hard and diligently with mortgage lenders to bring you our unbeatable specialist mortgage range. It’s taken a long time, but attitudes to lending to the self-employed are finally changing.

    Our toil has paid dividends at the highest levels. We can proudly say that we’ve been instrumental in changing many traditional, institutional, biased attitudes.

    Now, with our help, lenders can see the potential of non-standard income where they couldn’t before! We are the conduit, the interpreters of that specialist income, if you like.

    This success means that we now collaborate and partner with both mainstream and specialist lenders. This helps provide a broad range of non-standard mortgages based on bespoke underwriting criteria.

    Bespoke mortgages for people with unique circumstances

    We remain flexible in our outlook, both to lenders and borrowers alike. We’re also wholly independent, meaning we can liaise with all lenders that adopt a similar approach.

    This enables us to secure competitive mortgages for unconventional borrowers with complicated circumstances. This list isn’t exhaustive, but highlights the diversity of employment structures we cover:

    Bad credit

    Getting a mortgage with a bad credit rating or little credit history can be hard. Our expert brokers can help to find you a sympathetic lender.

    Bridging loans

    When you need short-term finance to fund a property purchase, we can help arrange a bridging loan. Talk to our experts for an open or closed loan.

    Company directors

    We’re specialists in providing competitive mortgages for company directors. We know how to highlight your true affordability to underwriters.

    CIS mortgages

    We’ve been helping Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) contractors and subcontractors to secure mortgages for years. Build your future with us.

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    We’ve helped shape how contractor mortgages now work for contractors and lenders. Ltd Co, umbrella or PSC, see why we’ve won so many awards.

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    Whether you are a doctor, surgeon, dentist, locum, nurse or NHS worker, our expert brokers can find the right mortgage solution for your needs.


    We can arrange residential and buy-to-let mortgages for expats looking to refinance or buy a UK property. We’ll help you repatriate your roots.

    Foreign nationals

    Specialist broker for non-UK residents and foreign nationals applying for residential or buy-to-let mortgages. Get expert, confidential advice.


    If you have little or no deposit, or are on low earnings, a guarantor mortgage could be the answer. Our experts can check how eligible you are.

    Interest only

    Explore interest-only mortgages and repayment vehicles using our detailed guide. Then, compare the best rates for current deals on the market.

    Large mortgage loans

    We find solutions for clients with complex incomes looking to borrow £1,000,000 or more. We excel in sourcing bespoke funding for large loans.

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    Let-to-buy mortgages are ideal if you want to buy a new property, but can’t or don’t want to sell your current home. Let’s explore your options.

    LTD company buy-to-let

    Do you repay your investment property through your limited company or after tax as an individual? We look at both options post-2020 tax reforms.

    New builds

    New build mortgages aren’t straightforward. Is it for a flat? Is the home you want ‘off plan’? Get tailored mortgage advice before you commit!

    Portfolio landlords

    Are you a landlord with four or more buy-to-let investment properties? We understand complex portfolio landlord finance. Read our nuanced guide:

    Second charge

    Unlock equity for debt consolidation, home improvements, BTL (and more) with a second charge mortgage, while keeping your current terms intact.


    Self-employed mortgages with one year’s accounts! Expert advice for sole traders, company directors, freelancers and contractors up to 95% LTV.

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    Sole traders

    Sole trader or partnership mortgages with at least one year’s accounts or an SA302 less than 18 months old: our lenders assess your net profits.

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    Umbrella employees

    Award winning brokers specialising in mortgages for umbrella contractors. We use your gross contract earnings to assess mortgage affordability.

    Zero-hour contracts

    Are you a temporary agency, short-term or zero-hour contractor? Use us to access underwriting teams sympathetic to temp and zero-hour contracts.

    Specialist mortgage advice

    People choose us for specialist mortgage advice for many different reasons. Third parties and existing customers often refer their friends and colleagues to us. Alternatively, people find us through our extensive social media and web presence.

    Many new clients discover us after a lender or other broker has let them down at the last minute. They desperately need to speak to someone who understands their situation. That’s what we excel at: getting people unstuck with hard-to-place mortgages.

    Talk to us before you get stuck. Prevention is always better than cure. But we do have ways out if you’re already lost in the maze.


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