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Conveyancing and Legal Work

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    When you’re buying, selling or mortgaging a property, hiring a solicitor (conveyancer) is essential. They’ll ensure that the legal conveyancing process doesn’t hinder the mortgage process.

    To speed up the mortgage process, appoint an experienced conveyancer at your earliest opportunity. Our mortgage brokers can help you find such a conveyancer at a competitive price.


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    What is conveyancing?

    Conveyancers are specialist solicitors who handle all the legal work and documents when you buy or sell a home. A conveyancer will liaise with both the lender’s legal team and the seller’s solicitor to transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to you.

    What does a conveyancer do?

    A conveyancer is also responsible for expediting the searches to satisfy all parties that the house sale has a solid foundation. This ensures that no potential issues exist within the property or surrounding neighbourhood.

    These checks and searches might include:

    • Local building works (potential plans for high-rise building);
    • Risk of flooding searches;
    • Drainage & water searches;
    • Land & Registry searches;
    • Title searches;
    • Environmental searches.

    As well as highlighting any issues with the property, area or local authority, the searches affirm that there’s nothing in the pipeline which could potentially cause disruption or affect the future value of the property. The council might have planning permission to carry out building work or major schemes (HS2, for example), which you ought to be aware of before completing.

    Conveyancing searches are carried out at the start of the conveyancing process, well before contracts are exchanged.

    Find a Conveyancer with Mortgage Quest

    Mortgage Quest has helped over ten thousand clients mortgage their homes. During this time, we’ve learnt a thing or two about conveyancing and what a good service looks like.

    We only recommend conveyancers and solicitors with a proven track record in getting the job done professionally, seamlessly, and efficiently at competitive prices.


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