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Mortgages for home movers

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    People move home for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the catalyst, a new home signals two things: an end and a new beginning.

    With everything moving home entails, homeowners want a quick and hassle-free mortgage. That’s where we come in.

    First, we get to know what you want from your new home in a free initial consultation. We’ll then provide mortgage advice tailored to your personal circumstances, including how you work.

    Since launching in 2004, we’ve established strong relationships with key lenders and their underwriters. As we’re also 100% independent, we can access any mortgage from any lender.

    That includes access to bespoke mortgage underwriting teams if how you work doesn’t fit the 9-5 stereotype. We can be just as flexible as you’ve had to become, matching the perfect homemover mortgage to your circumstances.


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    Mortgage options for home movers

    So, you’re considering moving, but maybe unsure of your mortgage options. You’re not alone in this dilemma.

    The two main options available to you are:

    1. Keep your existing mortgage and carry it over to your new home;
    2. Get a new mortgage deal, tailored to your future aspirations.

    Which works best for you? Let’s look at those options in more detail:

    Porting and keeping your current mortgage deal

    Porting your mortgage, in layman’s terms, means moving your current mortgage to the home you’re moving to. The attraction is obvious, but there are things to look out for.

    Most home movers who consider porting have to account for early repayment charges on their current fixed-term deal. (If you’ve dropped onto your lender’s SVR, this shouldn’t be a problem).

    We’ll walk you through the figures to help you decide if porting your mortgage is financially viable

    But might there be a better deal out there for you?

    Moving home is an opportune time to search the market for a better mortgage deal. This is especially pertinent when you’re buying a larger house with a more substantial loan.

    Through us, you can access an extensive range of mortgages, from almost any lender. This may include exclusive and semi-exclusive best buy deals not found on the High Street.

    How Mortgage Quest can help home movers

    The key to our success is getting to know you before anything else. By understanding both your situation and aspirations, we can save you time, effort and money.

    We make the home buying process easy

    Mortgage Quest is a team of experienced, competent, award-winning mortgage brokers. We’ll work with you to ensure that buying your home is straightforward and rewarding.

    Independence = no restrictions

    You shouldn’t let estate agents or developers pressure you into using their mortgage advisors. They tend to work with small ‘panels’ of lenders who’ve signed up to their schemes.

    This could limit your options, risking you missing the most competitive mortgage deals. Our independence gives us access to “Whole of Market” deals—and even exclusive —best buy deals.

    We can save you thousands on your mortgage

    Our experience—coupled with getting to know you—helps us filter our search. We’ll choose only the most relevant mortgages to you and your ‘borrower profile’. This gives you the potential to save thousands of pounds over the life of your mortgage.


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