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    open goal on soccer field

    One month on: has the Chancellor missed an open goal?

    I wrote so much about the latest Spring Budget for our partners, I never got around to writing a post here. So, let’s amend that oversight right now. In fairness, we were expecting little from the Chancellor for the housing and mortgage markets. In that sense, he delivered. But, before we start pointing fingers, it’s…

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    mortgage quest team, Feb 2024

    Mortgage Quest: from a single room to a multi-brand business

    When my firstborn entered the world, I decided to give up an international business career to spend more time in the UK with my young family. My first step was to earn my CeMap qualification and get full authorisation for Mortgage Quest Ltd. Thereafter, I took a role as a mortgage advisor with my brother’s…

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    construction site

    CMA competition probe slams UK’s biggest housing developers

    In recent blog posts, we’ve cited the lack of affordable housing as a key driver of keeping house prices high. But what if the insufficient building of new homes wasn’t entirely the Conservative government’s fault? What if the Competition and Markets Authority investigated new-build developers and found disturbing traits slowing down construction? Well, they did,…

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    sash windows and flowerbox

    Stick or twist: is now a good time to buy a property?

    Tentative. That’s one word I’d use to describe the current housing market. And with good reason. Homeowners are stuck in limbo, waiting to see where interest rates and house prices are heading. Homemovers and first-time buyers are waiting to see if the predicted drop in house prices has plateaued. (it has!)  Those looking to remortgage…

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    family meeting

    Is the Bank of Mum and Dad running low on funds?

    Since 2016, Legal & General has been tracking ‘family lending’. In other words, homebuyers getting support from the Bank of Mum & Dad to get onto the property ladder. The ‘bank’ definition has changed since the survey began, though. Rising house prices and deposits coupled with stagnating wages have forced first-time buyers to look beyond…

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    doctor and family in face masks

    When did homeowner protection cover become such a luxury?

    Almost two-thirds of homeowners have life cover in place. That more than a third doesn’t is shocking enough. But, when you see how few have critical illness cover in place, you truly appreciate how vulnerable the uninsured are. And, let’s face it, the nation’s collective health is only going one way: down the pan. So,…

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    couple checking documents

    A perfect storm: factors impacting your 2024 mortgage rate

    Last month, on UK Business Forums, I suggested that:  In December, “[Core inflation] remained at 5.1% and, on its own, might have given the [bank’s] Monetary Policy Committee pause for thought before they meet again on February 1st. “That neither rate of [UK] inflation dipped in December may well be enough to convince the MPC…

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    estate agent and couple in new home

    Are 99% mortgages for first-time buyers going to work?

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen 99% mortgages. Like many types of mortgage borrowing, the financial crisis put paid to such low-deposit finance. But now, Jeremy Hunt is considering bringing back 1% deposit home loans in the Spring budget. The decision has divided financial commentators. Some warn of instant negative equity. Others say…

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    aerial view, hampstead, camden

    No more 2% deals, but New Year mortgage rates show promise

    Since July 2023, UK mortgage rates have been steadily falling. They’ve now reached their lowest level since Liz Truss’s 2022 mini-budget. During the first week of 2024, the downward trend in rates has escalated. We’ve seen eye-catching cuts in mortgage rates as lenders enter a price war to finally give borrowers some New Year cheer.…

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