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Interest rate comparison calculator

  • Thinking of a remortgage or product switch?
  • Use our mortgage comparison calculator first
  • See how much you could potentially save!

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    To use our mortgage comparison calculator, you’ll need to do a bit of groundwork beforehand. It’s worth doing, though. Whether you’re looking to remortgage or product switch, you’ll be surprised at what you could save.

    About your current mortgage

    To ensure you get value, the information about your existing mortgage must be accurate. Either from recent documents or by calling your lender, you’ll need:

    • The outstanding mortgage balance: what you still owe your lender
    • The outstanding term: how long your mortgage has to run
    • Then either:
      • The interest rate you’re paying on your current mortgage, or
      • The current minimum monthly payment you pay your mortgage lender.

    You’ll also need to know:

    • The type of mortgage you want to replace your current deal;
    • What the new interest rate of that new mortgage will be.

    Enter all those figures in their respective fields of the form below, then hit ‘Calculate‘.

    Your remortgage/product switch comparison results

    Once you’ve clicked Calculate, you’ll be presented with a table that will show you your:

    • Currently monthly repayment amount (for comparison);
    • New monthly repayment amount;
    • Potential saving per month;
    • Potential annual saving.

    You’ll also see an ‘Enquire now‘ button, which will take you to a simple form, and our phone number. If you need to discuss your options before filling out the calculator, call us on 0208 421 7998 for no-obligation advice. Go for it! »

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    If you’re unable to make sense of the figures our calculator returns, give us a call on 0208 421 7998.