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Our fees

  • Initial consultations and Product Switches 100% Free
  • Fees ONLY applied upon your mortgage application
  • When, where and why we charge the fees we do

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    Fee-free initial consultation; then, our fees are only charged on actual mortgage application!

    We’ll never charge you for your initial consultation with our advisors. Beyond that, before you engage us to source your mortgage or protection, we ensure that you know exactly what fees you’ll pay and what they’re for.

    We believe you should only pay for services that have been helpful and beneficial towards securing your mortgage. So, it’s only at the point of application to the lender that we charge our broker fee. 

    Why there’s not one standard fee

    Because we deliver a range of bespoke mortgage services our fees can vary. We will inform you what fees apply to your application at the earliest possible stage; but, as a reference point, they’re typically £595. 

    Our fees take into account several key factors:

    • the size of your mortgage loan;
    • your personal and financial circumstances;
    • your credit history.

    Where our fees apply (and where they don’t)

    Our broker fees apply to both residential and buy-to-let mortgages, but exclude product transfers. We do not charge a broker fee for arranging a product transfer or product switch with the same lender. 

    The broker fee we charge covers:

    • our comprehensive research,
    • our specialists’ knowledge of the market,
    • the administration of your mortgage application,
    • liaising with estate agents, solicitors and valuers, and
    • the independent mortgage advice and heavy lifting we provide every step of the way.

    Contact us directly if you’d like more guidance on our mortgage broker fees: info@mortgagequest.co.uk